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Infrastructure and Capacity details :

Konarak has proven capability in Designing and Manufacturing of precision components and assemblies for various engineering applications covering wide range of process and product technology. In meeting such wide ranging applications, Konarak has established in-house infrastructure and Manufacturing capacity to handle wide technology areas as

  •  Precision Injection Molding

  •  Precision Stamping, Foil Stamping

  •  Design and Manufacturing of Precision Injection Molding & Stamping Tools, Precision Mechanical Assembly

  •  PCB Assembly including Chip On Board, LCD Assembly & Wave Soldering Technology

  •  Coil Winding

  •  Embedded Systems

  •  Software for Railway Charting Applications


Precision Injection Molding :

Molding capacity :    – 50 milli grams to 150 grams of shot capacity

Type of machines :   – CNC / PLC controlled machines supported by auxiliary machines such as hopper dryer, drying oven, mold temperature controller & etc

Number of Machines : – Having a total of 40 Injection Molding machines of various brands like ARBURG, RABIT, WINDSOR & etc


Precision Stamping :

  • Mechanical & Hydraulic presses up-to 150 Tonne capacity

  • Technology expertise of Simple, Compound and Progressive tools

  • Transfer presses of 40 Tonne capacity


Foil Stamping :

  • Konarak has established a foil stamping capacity to

  • To print more than 10 Million wheels per month,

  • All machines are Semi Automatic Type,

  • Foil stamping can be done on flat and curved surfaces,

  • Handles almost all varieties of Thermoplastic materials

  • Machines mounted Circular Attachments for printing on wheels,

  • Machines fitted with automatic components feeder, for high volume applications,


Precision Assembly :
Capacity :  Konarak has been supplying more than 3-lakh Display assemblies including

  • Register Assemblies

  • Stepper Motor Counters

  • Impulse Counters

  • Q-Type precision Relays for Indian Railways

Experienced and skilled workforce in various assembly departments can handle any grade of precision in above listed Assembly processes.

Konarak has an established Capability in development of special testing and assembly jigs and fixtures to enhance quality and reliability of output.


Coil Winding :

  • Coil Winding Machines,

  • Torroidal Winding Machines for Manufacturing Current Transformers,

  • Wire cutting and Wire stripping machines

  • Epoxy sealing


PCB Assembly :

Konarak has established PCB assembly line with experienced man power and infrastructure facility to assemble Single and Double Layer PCB assemblies.

  • All types of active components in PTH, SIP, DIP, SOP and SSOP Packages

  • All types of passive components including PTH, 1206, 0805, 0604

Manufacturing facility includes, State of the Art, ESD safe assembly line for handling ESD sensitve components, PCB assembly line includes,

  • Dual flow wave soldering Machine

  • Dual flow Wave soldering machine to handle both PTH and SMD type of assembly requirements

  • COB assembly line


Wedge bonding line Equipped with Imported and state of the art machines like

  • Semiautomatic type wedge bonding machine

  • Fully Automatic wedge bonding machine with features like PRS-Pattern Recognition System, BQM-Bond Quality Monitoring and multi Chip Bonding


LCD assembly which can handle
         - Heat Seal/ Pin type and Zebra connectors

Epoxy and Flux Dispensing Station

  • Humidity chamber with Profile Program settings

  • Burn in Chamber facility to test at elevated temperatures

  • Sufficient quantity of Testing instruments like Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Chronometer for testing and calibrating color LEDs

  • Sufficient Quantity of Temperature controlled Soldering stations and Soldering pots


Captive Tool Room :

   – Machines available

  • HMT-Center Lathes

  • Center Lathes with CNC

  • BFW Column and Knee type Milling Machine

  • M1TR Universal Milling Machine

  • Precision Jig Boring Machine

  • PRAGA surface Grinders

  • Spark Erosion Machine with CNC control

  • Toggle Presses for Assembly purposes

  • Profile Projector

  • Tool Makers Microscope with Digital Display

  • CAD facility

Specially trained tool makers who can design and manufacture precision injection molding tools, stamping tools, forming tools, jigs & fixtures.


Embedded Systems :

Technical Capacity with development tools of covering wide range of microcontroller brands with 8-bit, 16-Bit and 32-Bit to design and develop customised solutions.

Expertise to Design, Develop and Manufacture hardware necessary for any microcontroller driven products to suit any customer applications


Software for Railway Control Charting Applications :

Konarak Industria has gained vast experience and knowledge in Control Charting process. We have the right skills; knowledge and dedicated team of Software engineers to further developed for Live Train Movement, Yard & Crew Management System, Sport Your Train, Train Arrival and Departure Dynamic System etc., enhance and implement control charting in Indian Railways.

Contact us with your details of your requirement for any support in this regard.

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