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Product development team at Konarak Industria has the capability to design new products from concept to production. It has capability to reverse engineer samples into fully designed & developed products. Reliability of products and services are ensured through quality standards and custom built testing jigs/gauges developed in-house.

Konarak has a tradition of Developing, Manufacturing and Marketing the metering Products & Solutions, which is known for continuously advancing in the Technologies used. Konarak has always offered innovative solutions to its customers to face an ever-changing Energy meter market.

Konarak is one of the reliable Products & Service providers for Indian Railways. We have been working with Indian Railways for Developing and Implementing Software for various applications for the past seven years.

As well, Konarak has established experiences in supplying and maintaining the required hardware also.

We have gained vast experience and knowledge in "Control Charting" process. We have the requisite skills, knowledge and dedicated team of Software engineers to develop software for

  • Live Train Movement,

  • Yard & Crew Management System,

  • Sport Your Train,

  • Train Arrival and Departure Dynamic System etc.,

  • Enhance and implement control charting in Indian Railways. We have successfully developed and implemented

  • LED Based wireless Coach Guidance Display system ,

  • GPS Sync Clock ,

  • GPS Based Inside coach indication system etc. in Indian Railways.



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