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Wrist watch Kits and Modules

Konarak has successfully manufactured the complete Torch Kit and Glowing Face Kit, to the requirements of TITAN, leading wrist watch brand of India. Some of the precision parts and components used in the Torch Kits and Glowing Face kit, is visible below, in the pictures provided. please visit our contract mnaucturing services link for details





Assembly and Testing Racks

Konarak has successfully designed, manufactured customized Racks for TITAN, for charging the Battery of HTSE (High Technology Self Energising Wrist Watch Modules, by using High intensity white LEDs. Some of the salient features of this rack is as below

  • No of watches charged per cycle~500 pcs
  • Number of LEDs per rack ~15000 Nos
  • Control for LEDs Constant current SMPS and High Cooling fans Konarak has also designed and supplied table top HTSE charging unit, for service centers of TITAN.

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